The digital revolution is over 30 years old, but in politics (and elsewhere) you wouldn’t know it. Despite a deluge of new technologies, digital marketing is still an afterthought for many firms, companies, and political organizations. Why? Digital is still considered a “career field.” This session will challenge your very definition of “digital,” offer valuable insights from the slowest moving city in the U.S., and arm you with arguments that’ll get you a permanent desk in your CEO’s office. Modern institutions need to catch up or else get left behind.
After this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Break out of your “digital strategist” mentality and produce results people understand and crave
  • Differentiate between worthwhile ROI focused digital jobs and snake oil
  • Translate your digital skills into valuable organizational leadership
  • Persuade non-digital executives to see the value in your proposals, allocate budget, and green light projects