Despite advancements in technology, marketing today is still predominantly human-driven––but the next wave of machine intelligence will disrupt the industry completely. With AI, we have the potential to identify exactly what drives each customer’s decision-making. With AI, we can also create hyper-personalized campaigns faster, better and more efficiently. But where do we actually stand with artificial intelligence marketing today? In this session, Erik will separate fact from fiction; he will speak to what marketers can feasibly do with AI now, where AI in marketing is headed, and what marketers can do to stay grounded – and stay ahead.
At the end of this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Understand key AI trends driving change and innovation in marketing, and train your team to work with AI
  • Identify which facets of your marketing strategy and business will be affected by AI
  • Develop and implement disruptive strategies to stay afloat during the AI revolution
  • Learn what the future of marketing looks like with AI and which companies to partner with to help you become AI-enabled