Bridge the Divide: How to Overcome Obstacles & Attract Customers

Brands and consumers have never been farther apart. Brands are still trying to compete for eyeballs while consumers have access to infinite media from creators, streaming services, courses, esports, video games, fandoms and on and on. When the content people create, consume, and share online dwarfs the volume of content brands create, will your audience even be interested in what you have to say?

In this energy packed session full of actionable insights, you’ll learn how to stop competing for attention, reduce the distance between you and your audience and shape customer demand.

After this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Understand the trends upending the attention economy, how they affect your brand and how you market to your audience
  • Escape the tyranny of the marketing funnel and leverage the forces that actually control consumer demand
  • Shift your priorities from endlessly creating more and more marketing assets to designing experiences that delight your customers
  • Build a brand that is flexible, adaptable, and responsive to change
  • Draw inspiration from and successfully apply the approaches of top brands to your organization

If you are an experienced marketer frustrated with traditional approaches and are looking for more innovative and effective ways to move the needle, this session is for you!