Overcoming Content Overload: Marketing Tactics for 2020

It’s been said that we live in a time of too much content. How can the startup out perform the Goliath in the industry with millions of dollars of marketing budget? How can you expect your audience to hear your voice amid a sea of others vying for that same attention? Content marketers today have too little time and can’t seem to create enough content to feed the machine. In this presentation, we’ll share new tactics for how to amplify your voice, and increase the likelihood of catching your audience’s attention. We’ll be getting into some step-by-step tactics to ensure your message is heard.

After this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Use the free software provided which is designed to assist in the content creation process
  • Run circles around your Goliath competitors using tactics they can’t deploy (and if you’re a Goliath, learn how to beat those pesky startups)
  • Analyze your audience in more effective ways to increase content success