Streamlined: Creating an Editorial Calendar to Optimize Customer Journey

Have you been exhausting the same old strategy of keyword-focused content, instead of strategizing whether the content actually has value for conversion? While general website traffic is good, a targeted audience is better. This session will help marketers understand how to develop editorial calendars that directly align with the customers’ brand journey from awareness, to consideration, and finally decision.

After this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Create content that seals the deal and leads to conversions & ROI
  • Identify clear buying personas across the market for your customer from top-of-funnel to the bottom
  • Develop strategic content that aims to build web traffic, brand authority, and higher CTRs site-wide
  • Construct a multi-month calendar that uses a mix of keyword content, pillar pages, and more to build more value into blogs
  • Track your efforts with multi-channel attribution and the right KPI’s